"There Is No Agony Like Bearing an Untold Story Inside Of You."

~Maya Angelou~

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mirror Reflect on High School Stars: The Power of Miss Karma and GOD!

Remember when you was in high school and you use to see the stars of your class coming down the hallway, looking at you so careless as if they had gold in their pocket and you only had lent. Remember how it use to feel when you was the odd ball of the crowd; you never was loud nor rude you kept to yourself. Remember those high school stars that always showed out in some way to act out their character as if they ruled the school. High school stars; always having a glow about them, well fit, star on the basketball court, football filed and track field. Well today is a new era; its called Karma. A mist of karma never leaves the room when you spray it strongly...meaning when you have used your powers of glory for evil it will come back and hunt you. There are many people out there today who use to be track stars ten years ago, now if you look at them today they look like they been eating the whole cow and the pig and now that same high school track star is so far that he has diabetes...really! These same people are people who you thought had a good heart but because of there lifestyle Miss Karma came and bit them on the butt. Trust and believe me, when you do something wrong to someone in your life it will come back. Lets take another example; lets say know someone that was always cheerful or supposedly on the cheer leading squad ten years ago, and now they still look the same but more manly...baby that is called Karma. Don't blame the workout you do blame miss karma, some men may like a manly chic and some men like a female with curves, but the soft ones. Its not just KARMA..ITS CALLED GOD...He has a way of defending you on his time. Here is another example; lets say you was a nerd and you always got picked on in school or you was relatively quiet. As an adult 10 years later of course those habits we do grow out of....and now we are successful writers, actors, singers, head of our own company,we look good are predominantly healthy ect; while the high stars that made you feel small are now looking up at you. Not to say that looking down on someone is good or that two wrongs makes a right; but basically to say that what goes around comes right back around. You never know who you are talking to in life until later in life ten years later when that person is doing well off than you ever thought they be. God has a plan for each person, its up to us whether we follow through or make the dream deferred and give up. If you have been given a gift it is not for you to keep and not share. God doesn't just gives out gifts and wants you to not show others, its for a purpose. If you do not show and tell then God sho nuff will take it away until He sees fit that you are ready to present the gift in good standing. Never underestimate the power of Karma and God the two are too strong for one to defeat.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Is Your Sickness KILLING You??

Don't Let your Sickness Control You...Take Control of It!

Diabetes, Throat Cancer, Lung Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Headaches... Osteoporosis, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Kidney Disease, ect...Does this Sound familiar? Numerous illnesses have grown rapid in America, especially in African American people. It has become so bad that now we tend to blame our "can't do attitude" on our sickness. Proclaiming statements like, "I can't go to the park and walk around...I have diabetes"; "I can't go to six flags..I have kidney disease"; "I can't go swimming....I have high blood pressure"; I can't go fishing today...I have breast cancer"; or "I can't go on a Caribbean cruise ever...I have prostate cancer"...these are nothing more than Excuses! By claiming there statements you are throwing your hands up and giving up on you. You are letting your sickness/ illness take control of your life. The only way you can get better is motivate yourself into a natural positive mood. Let’s be real, no one can change your eating habits but you. You can not blame your fat body image on no one but yourself; meaning when you eat there is not a person standing over you with a gun saying eat that beef, eat that BBQ chicken, or eat that pork! Eating healthy is a big part of controlling your body's chemistry; a toss up of live or die. More and more African Americans die frequently due to a poor diet. Eating chitlens, pork chops, hamburgers, sausages, and all types of high cholesterol foods that are not healthy for you can predominantly kill you; which in turn will be due to some type of cancer or dysfunctional embodied disease.  So if your wife, mother, father, sister, brother, husband, friend, lover, yourself, or anyone that cooks for you decided to make something that you already know is not good for you, it is up to you to decided whether or not to put it in your mouth.  It is important for YOU to be mindful, cautious and AWARE...Choose to LIVE and eat something healthy; an alternate choice is much easier to swallow than a greasy death habit!   
                   The more u allow your sickness to take control of your life the more you will become weak and unmanageable. The best medicine to fight any sickness is to be mobile...be active...get your body to move...you are only as old as you feel. When we were young our parents use to make us go outside and play as much as we can (this was before the facebook and playstation era)...but the reason out parents did this was because it was good for our bodies. Working out your body is apart of Gods plan; He did not create us to be handicap. God gave us legs, hands, arms, feet, and a strong core to move and not sit around and complain about how sick you are.  The more u move...the less weak you will feel; putting your sickness into remission. It is time for you to MOVE…BE ACTIVE...GET UP and stop looking at the clock for your time to run out. The more you DO NOTHING the more YOU WILL BECOME NOTHING! Get your butt off that couch, off that chair and workout those lazy bones. But that beef burger down and start eating healthy. There are so many excuses I hear about why some people can’t eat healthy, claiming it’s too expensive or they don't know how to cook healthy food...this is all a bunch of bull. It all about STRONG WILL...Do you have it or is your will to die much quicker than your power to eat? 

Inspirational Credit toward this theme is given to my Aunt…Donna Beaudoin….whom inspired me to eat healthy and be aware of what goes in my body...Living a stress and drama free life. PLEASE CHECK OUT HER BOOK WHICH I AM featured in entitled “Sister Vegetarians: 31 Days of Drama Free Living”. This book will inspire and change your life in a most care free way. Sister Vegetarian comes out February 2012. Please go to facebook and subscribe to her page and become a healthy follower…It will pay off at the end. Live Well!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do You Have Patience?

Best answers come to those that wait, yet we are always subjected to making up our own answers when life does not give us a straight answer right away. For the issue of love we have to be patient and wait for the right level of love to come to us. Nothing can satisfy us the way real love can. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone that doesn’t love you, someone that only wants you for your body; this is not love this is infatuation. The mere infatuation feeling that crawls around our home, our minds, our lifestyle and our spiritual dome; infatuation from an insignificant other can lead you down the road of no where. Looking for love will never be a victory win, you have to let love come to you, be open minded and find truth in someone and not a fatal lie, let go of past phone numbers and past relationship cliff hangers that took you know where. Pain can only last when you continue to dwell on it, there is no golden gate in misery; only a deep black hole. We have to be our own date, our own passion, and our own pleasant dream to rid of all the nightmares that haunts us. As a woman we have to know who we are and what we represent when we step out that door. Do you know who you are? Say to yourself, I AM A QUEEN…I AM A DIVNE DIVA…I AM ROYALITY. These are the simple factors that you must possess. Without this knowledge growing inside you like a seed, you will not have a strong back ground of who you really are. It may take a village to raise a child but it takes a grown woman to come into her own existence as a woman thru the power of self love, self understanding and the inspiration of GOD. No one can change you but you; change is never wrong yet uplifting to the blind eye. When all the walls come crashing down and the words from former friends start to hurt, where will your self love and passion lye? In this case you have to rely on the best book that has all the answers and that is the bible. Now we all know what our grandmothers and grandfathers were talking about when they said “baby ya gotta go the da lord now, he da only one with the power to help you get thru…hmm” , as they sing a gospel hymn and as if we were in church. But the fact remains they were right, when things get to rough and life seems like its hopeless, and we feel there is never a right answer toward the questions we continue to ask; it is never a time to give up yet a time to pray and wait. Just wait for an answer from GOD and like Daniel in the Lions Den, God will save you from your fears you just have to have faith and believe in His word; then and only then will you get an answer to the questions that you seek. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Running A Race Toward Victory

Why is it always hard for us as women, to take action and do the things that we set out to do? There is nothing wrong when you put your foot down and make a change in life. Women who have made a loud noise were the main ones who actually got stuff done. It is time to be a radical, a spectacle in the eyes of the world. It is time to stop second guessing yourself and thinking about what other people are going to think. This is your time to shine and become something you always wanted to be, to do what you always wanted to do and not rely on others to be your motivation; be your own motivation. Stay on your guard and make a path way for you to get out of the muck that you are in. There are times where you may feel like this is it, I am never going to change; thinking to yourself over and over again…I am never going to get back to my regular self; well I am here to say that you are delivering power to the doubt. When you start to doubt and second guess your blessings and gifts the universe gives you what you wished for...and that this self pity. There is no victory in pity or doubt. Imagine life as track race. Before this race you have been practicing and warming up to get your body in gear; conditioning your body to the healthiest it can be so that you can win have an awesome race. As soon as you start to run you feel energetic and ready; running as fast as the breeze. Now imagine if you did not condition your body or make exercise to get ready for this race, you would be sluggish, slow, lethargic, and out of breath because you was not ready. This is how life can be; you have to be ready at all times. Have a list of goals you want to accomplish for yourself and make everyday count for something. Be a radical, be loud, and be known as the person who has made a stand against all the odds. It takes courage and strong will to make things happen, it also takes power and understanding of one self to know that you hold the card, you are master of your own fate, and God is the captain of your soul. Here and now is the time for you as a woman or man to stand up and make a difference in your life; shake the eight ball and make your own destiny a reality.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Making Up Excuses"

Each day we long for that golden ticket as if we were in a movie walking along Willy Wonka in his glorified chocolate factory; saying to ourselves I wish this was mine, or I wish I had this or I wish I had that. It is time for you to stop making up excuses for yourself and be like Nike; just do it. The best part about going out for the team…meaning you, is that there is no where else to go but up...remember life is what u make it. The only person getting in the way of you...is you. You are your own worse enemy at the best things in your life. There are plenty of times in your life where I bet you sit around and sing your shoulda, coulda, wouldas; saying to yourself that this time …I'm going to get around to it...this time I'm going to make my goals a reality. Pressuring yourself to be determined to make that golden ticket your admission fee for success. Then suddenly you become doubtful, you stop your own self in your own tracks of greatness and why...because of fear. The fear of feeling like you will never great or amazing at something that is so wonderful. Sometimes God want this time for you to be a blessing of oneness between you and HIM…it is time for you to open up yourself and stop trying to fix everything yourself. We as humans always strive for the need to always fix something or to basically be independent on our own. It is not a need that needs to be meet all the time. For every need that is put out there it is not our call of duty to reach out and be aid to that need. It is time for us to get out the way and let GOD do his work. And while He is working it is time for you to renew and revamp your life. There no more excuse left to dish out, just reality slips! If you are a father with children or have one child, it is time for you to stop making up excuses of why you can’t spend time with your children, or why you cant call them on the phone and say hi. It is time to stop making up excuse of why you can not get a job, or why you can not leave your pride aside and apply for assistance. It is time to stop blaming your down fall in life on people, and start looking at yourself and see your errors…we all want to blame someone for our bs lifestyle, yet the person we should pointing at is ourselves…and why you ask…because we got in the way of ourselves of the success we wanted to have put was either too proud, too ignorant, or just plain dumb to make that change a reality.  The time has come to just step aside and lay down those excuse, once you do you will see the magical change that will suddenly appear before you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

NOTHING from something is NOTHING...RIGHT!?

        When did it become okay for a man to want a woman for nothing? A sexy black women on the outside, trailing behind past pain on the inside...as if she is suppose to overcome her fear of commitment, and loneliness when she is in the presents of a man. A woman that have been used then thrown away like garbage, as if she were nothing. The unwanted feeling of hopelessness; having men she trusted come in and out her life leaving scars on her already wounded heart. 
       When did it become okay for man to destroy a woman's trust, and respect to a pit of nothing? When did it become okay for a man to no longer care about a woman's whereabouts once she is let go, as if she was cattle or slave girl giving you a treat/nightcap. When did become okay for men to pretend as if a woman has no voice as if we are living in the stone age? When is the right time for a woman to be a woman and not a man's personal doormat.

       The soul of a black woman is well known to the eye but unknown to the mind, for the pure impact knowledge of a black woman's soul is deeper than a whole to China. . Her soul is powerful yet strong, forever caring, kind yet full of logic, fearful yet overcoming with joy and much healing, like a band-aid with ointment...it can be hurt and scared but it eventually heals quick and easy with a lesson learned; never get hurt in the same place again! I am that black woman; as we all are. There are more black/minority women in today's society getting rapped and abused by men that woman put so much trust into that have no care for them at all. This type of misogynistic attitude is not just a disgrace yet a shame. Women are not at all sex objects to be used like old sneakers....run on them till the sole gives out. Women...all women; black, white, purple, red, brown, yellow, etc..are to be treated with grace. For a man who finds a good woman, finds a good thing, and so shall she. 
"One day a woman wakes up and shakes off the anxiety and feeling of all life’s disappointments and depression. She gazes out through her window of life and realizes that she is neither a failure nor a ridicule of mockery. She is a winner in all her glory, stepping aside with both eyes closed to walk blind in the world; with faith as her guide. As she opens up her wings she arrives at the notion that she is a voice in this universe and deserves to be heard…with a powerful octave she screams evading all anger and stress that was once locked inside of her”.

        Today that woman is now understanding that her life is like a fish bowl...it looks nice from the outside but the inside is full of more life than one can imagine. Are we as women like fish in a fish bowl? As fish do swim aimlessly around trying to find a way out; we as women are no longer trapped in a fish bowl, we are and have always been free. It is time to raise our voice, and scream out the anger, rage disappointment, frustration and, misogynistic attitudes that have been placed amongst us. Having others look at the exterior side of us and not care about what is on the inside; knowing that the inside is beautiful and full of life. We as woman have to understand our awareness of our want, need, desires, and simple pleasures. Time for action...take control…let go…and SCREAM ITOUT!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The road not taken is the road that is never walked alone
There is a battle that surrounds each and everyone of us and that battle and pain is worry. We as humans worry more than we should. We complain about the inevitable events in our lives, about the fear that we must face day to day, we cry about our heartache, we argue when things do not go our way, we look the other way when something that is so good is looking us in our face. And yet we don't notice that good thing because we are so captivated by the pain and frustration within our lives; resulting in overlooking what could or should have been. It's time just to be happy for the now and stop worrying about the later. Love what God has placed on you in front of you and all around you. Stop being so negative, thinking negative, living in a negative realm of an unhealthy space. Give God praise and glory for the happiness that He has blessed you with now. In this time and in your own personal space; realize that the battle is over and already won. Stop worrying; put that worried feeling behind you and walk that path of clarity, Gods got a blessing for you at the end. Always remember that the road chosen is not a lonely road; for a person that walks alone is never alone for they haves God on their side through it all. 

The Last Day to Morn...You can make it

In the appearance of setting up my life plan there seems to be a block or a door standing in the way of perfection. This door is not my disability, yet it is my goal, and my drive to make a change. My aspiration to see the "big picture" and make this time my time to survive and be a conquer over whatever is troubling me. I say this to you...be a winner and never let the bad get to you. You can and you will make it.You are stronger than your defeat and wiser than what is put forth in front of you; its time to go get yours. Dry up those tears, but never forget the reason why you cried;it is the ability that grows within us to move on to better heights and be better that what we use to be. The sick and shut in should no longer be sick and shut in if you are able to see, walk, talk and learn from the past. Loving you is your remedy, its is when this love that we find the power to heal. Growing from this past and living to make each day count is what should and always be the purpose of your driven life. It should not be to obtain a life where you are surrounded with people that don't care about you; sprawling out words to you in a disrespectful manner.When you love yourself the world is your seed and you are the rain; so make today and every day blossom like a flower. No more tears, or rain in this cloud.  

What I am All About

My name is Tashi, I am 31 and forever divine, spiritual, smart, inspiring and sexy in my own right. I am a gifted writer with a lot to write about, as well as an awesome poet. In my life time I have come across highs and lows and have been through all the emotions that I can think of; which made me stronger than I was before. I have a BA in African Studies, and right now I am focusing on perfecting skills through poetry, true inspirational stories and life, lesson, learned advice within my writing. I hold my self high and love myself deep...for if you don't love yourself how can you ever love someone else. Enjoy my blog and soon a book will be out. Have a blessed day and continue on your own drive of success...only YOU can get in the way of YOU...so strap on that seat belt and full speed head to greater heights of perfection.

I am a Woman of Valor. I am a caterpillar blossoming into the butterfly God ordained me to be. I am courageously stepping out on faith believing that God will continue to bless me and keep me. I am surrendering my heart to Him so that I may accept, for the first time, ME, all of ME - every fault, every fear, every insecurity, every painful experience, every bit of unforgiveness in my heart, every attack on my mind, every attack on my spirit by my flesh and others - I am a Woman of Valor. Flowing with divine grace and style, over flowing with love. I am a woman; enhancing my mind to greater levels of height to become better and taller each day; not to dwell on the past and make it put me in an unsafe place. My smile defines my beauty, my curves define my style, my voice is a little catchy and my heart loves and keeps you for awhile. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God has challenged me to go forth and make my path straight. Do not succumb to the temptation to be like everyone and be liked by everyone. Accept the unaccepted to expect the unexpected! Enjoy singleness and the love of ME. (I Cor 6:19-20). Enjoy getting to know the very essence of who God really is. Be Transparent! Be Different! Be Forever Changed! I am a Woman of Valor = Strength of mind in regard to danger; personal bravery; courage; prowess; independence; intrepidity...I am a Woman of Valor... Virtuously created!